P.I Services

P.I Services

B/ground Checks

B/ground Checks

Polygraph Test

Polygraph Test

Infidelity (Relationship) Polygraph Examination

Do you suspect your other half is cheating and you need to find the truth? Or are you being accused of things you have not done? Contact Polygraph Associates today to find out the truth.

Polygraph Examination for Private Clients

Polygraph Associates is proud to offer the following Testing for Private Clients:

  • Family/Custody Concerns
  • Criminal Matters
  • Sexual Addiction Testing
  • Immigration
  • Civil and Court Ordered
  • Private Business / Employees

Polygraph Examination for Attorneys

Polygraph Associates can assist you in providing the best legal services for your client:

  • Criminal Defense Matters
  • Family Cases
  • Witness Vetting
  • Non-Criminal Matters
  • Custody Cases
  • Trial Preparation

Polygraph Examination for Law Enforcement

Polygraph Associates is proud to offer the following testing for Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Investigative Polygraph Testing

Polygraph Examination for Therapists

Polygraph can be used to assist your client and their family move through:

  • Struggles with Denial
  • Family Matters
  • Drug Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction